Our steelwork clients include Outokumpu and Liberty Steel for whom we work on a range of projects throughout the UK.

UK Landcare supply 24hr assistance for maintenance within the steelworks to ensure loss of production within the sector is minimised.

We work hard to assist with projects at design stage to ensure the best value engineering solutions are achieved. With the current fiscal climate that surrounds our steel industry in the UK, we continually work to ensure that from early design stage the best value engineered solutions are achieved.

Steelwork Maintenance Project

Location: Outokumpu Sheffield, Liberty Steel Rotherham & Liberty Steel Stocksbridge

Activities: Refurbishment of slow cooling pit. Remove all defective areas of concrete and install FRC to carry out all repairs within 14 days of planned shut down.

New Stock Handling Yard Project

Location: Outokumpu Sheffield – New Stock Handling Yard

Activities: Removal of all existing mill foundations in preparation for construction of the new yard, installation of concrete wall and new drainage system, and cast concrete floor slab for material storage.